This Is Why Dele Momodu Opted To Study Yoruba Language

Many Nigerian kids can relate to having their parents try to get them to study or not study a course in university, and Ovation magazine publisher, Dele Momodu, certainly has his experience on that.

Momodu revealed during a recently held event how people thought he was a dullard because he chose to study Yoruba in University of Ife (now known as Obafemi Awolowo University).

‘When I said I wanted to study Yoruba, people complained,’ Momodu said.

Even my illiterate mother had to ask me that ‘Ayobamidele is this how dull you’re that you can’t get any other course?”

The veteran journalist added that he had to convince mum and told her Yoruba is like any other language – be it German or Portuguese.

Here’s what he said:
‘I was never a dullard, I studied Yoruba because I didn’t want to do what everyone was doing,’
‘What were fashionable and trending then were courses like Law, Accounting… A lesson, I want you to learn, don’t always go for the multitude.
‘I didn’t know that God was preparing for what I’m doing today. We were about 100 in my part 1 and only six of us graduated, others ran away.
‘But I went back to the University to prove that I wasn’t a dullard, that I could do something else, I then did a master in English literature and for 20 years, I didn’t see any Nigerian that combine such a satanic course because is from one history to another.’

He also urged the youth to always be prepared for opportunities, saying one must always have something to offer when opportunities come their way.
‘Nobody would help you when you have nothing to offer. Let me share you this story. When I was in exile, sent me by the then military ruler, Sani Abacha, I was in England and one day, I visited Senator Bode Olajumoke and he said to me, I like your magazine, just that we notice inconsistency.
‘Then I told him it’s about finances, that we have great contents but no finance to run. He then loaned me £10,000 in 1997, which as you know media is like casino I couldn’t repay after one year, because I was still growing Ovation.
‘Abacha died and I could come back to Nigeria and I went straight to Daddy Olajumoke and he said the money was a gift.
‘There are good people in Nigeria, but you have to take something to them, you’re been watched.’

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