#BBNaija's Oga Bally Is Cute & Charming In New Photoshoot

Ex Big Brother Naija housemate and Juiceman, Bobai Bally Balat is cute for days in these new photoshoot.

Bold Magazine Africa caught up with the TV star and popular DJ, who talked about life after BBNaija, and his upcoming 'Bally Rally' outreach that will be hitting every city soon.

Read excerpts below;
Going into the Big brother house, it was evident that you are a strategic person. How did this help you in the house?
Ok! first of all I guess there was a bit of strategy but most importantly went into the house as myself. I am not really someone that watched Big brother in the past so I don't really know about strategy or what you are supposed to do to survive the game. I just went in there as myself. I guess being myself worked pretty much well for me as it allowed me to stay in the house for quite a while.

A lot of us know you as Bally from Big brother and not DJ Bally. Has being on the show help with propelling your career?
It really has. It has helped so much that right now, I am swamped with gigs. I get gigs almost every weekend. However, whether there is a Dj on my name or not. Bally is Bally. And regardless of the status, I will keep on pushing my career. Definitely.

With the fame that comes along with Big Brother, have you had to make amends to your conduct and how you go about your daily life?
100 percent! There was even a time Big Brother told us before we left the house that life for us outside the Big brother house has definitely changed but we just didn't realise the magnitude to which it had changed. So after we came out of the house, we saw it. Whenever I go out, I have to find a way to comport myself. 

People are definitely going to ask you for pictures and want to talk to you. You just have to have that accommodative nature. I am still learning. I guess I have done well so far sha. No one has vexed for me yet so I guess that is good.

Being a Dj as well as now a Big Brother alumni, it is safe to assume that attention from the ladies must be on a higher level.  How do manage this?
To be honest with you, before Big brother, I did get a lot of love and attention from the ladies so no be something new. But you have to find a way to accommodate them. Whether it's ladies or guys, you have to learn how to manage people so when they come and ask you for pictures, Snapchat e.t.c, I do my best to make them happy. That's how I am.

As a DJ you have opportunities to venture into quite a few careeer trajectory. From collaborative oppourtunities, Radio personality, producer and so on. What niche have you carved for yourself and intend on pushing?
First of all i didnt start off as a DJ. I started off as a music producer and then became a DJ. So i think that has kind of given me an advantage because before going into the Big Brother house, I released a lot of remixes. Producing is something I have as an upper hand in comparison to other DJs. I do remixes, I do mash ups. I just haven't had the time to do that since I left the house due to crazy schedules. But I guess it is about time to work on some remixes and mash ups as well as original music.

What more should we expect from you in the future?
Expect parties, parties and more parties. Bally Rally all the way. The Bally Rally has begun already and it is gonna keep going. Bally Rally parties are gonna storm the country, city by city. My fans should expect a lot of giving back too. I have a Bally Rally outreach which I use as a medium to give back to the community as well as charity work. So its gonna be parties, entertainment and humanitarian work.

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